Music production and composition

Vocals and guitar are my first instruments, writing and composing my first moves. Then came the wonders of electronic tools and digital audio workstations...


Professional singer, songwriter, musician and music producer since 2002, I have an extensive experience in audio production, sound design, mix and creative writing.

Jullian - Origines. Album art cover

Music composer & producer

I started writing, composing, singing and playing songs at the age 15. After hundreds of concerts, 2 self-produced albums, various singles, I started composing and production tracks for various artists. I like seeing each project and each track as a particular entity, cruising within various streams and genres, with a particular touch and approach that many years abroad gave me.

I am available for solo artists who need their songs to come to life, as well as for video and game producers who want an orignal an unique taste.

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Youtube playlist

Soft music, tender and poetic. Lyrics, music, production & mix: Jullian Champenois
Instrumental, film music, hip-hop. Music, production & mix: Jullian Champenois
Modern French Electro pop. Lyrics, music, production & mix: Jullian Champenois
Funky hip-hop, rough voice. Lyrics, music, production & mix: Jullian Champenois
Music video for eponymous song from the album "Origines".
French rock with Arabic and Gypsy influences.
Uplifting French song with accordion, cajon and passion!
Acoustic hip-hop-ish French song.
A Spanish and French song with Flamenco influences.
"The lioness", a mysterious and poetic song.
Live version of the eponymous song.
Presentation of Heinrich Böll foundation, motion design video. Enthusiastic, dynamic, narration. Sound design, music, voice over, mix.
More to be released soon
Jullian Studio
By Jullian Champenois